Monkspath Junior & Infant School Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Meet the staff of Monkspath School who will be only too happy to help you.

Mrs. W J Hutchinson  –  Head Teacher

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Monkspath Junior & Infant School.

Ours is a highly successful and popular school which enjoys a long-standing tradition for being ambitious, open, friendly and immensely caring.  We consider ourselves to be a family.

As a staff we are a strong and dedicated team who work closely together to meet the individual needs of each and every one of our children.

Mr D Wild  –  Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs D Walton  –  Assistant Head Teacher KS2

Mr D Hogarth  –  Assistant Head Teacher FS and KS1

2017-18 Staff List

Mrs. Jane Hutchinson – Head Teacher

Mr Dan Wild – Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Dawn Walton – Assistant Head Teacher KS2

Mr Dean Hogarth – Assistant Head Teacher FS and KS1


Key Stage 2

Year 6

Mrs Dawn Walton                                                      Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Natasha Jervis                                                   YGL, English Leader

Miss Lauren Mitchell                                                 Maths Leader

Mrs Sonja Church                                                     Booster Groups/ PE

Mrs Annie Richards                                                  TLA Years 5 & 6

Year 5

Mrs Denise McClair                                                    YGL,

Mrs Nicky Hamblin/ Mrs Marijanne Gordanifar          Maths team/ DT

Mr Jack Poole                                                            History/ Geography

Year 4

Mrs Saima Hussain                                                    YGL, History/ Geography

Mr Andrew Race                                                        Science

Miss Sam Isaacs                                                       Computing

Mrs Mandy Grace                                                      TLA Years 3 & 4

Mrs Gail Patterson                                                     TLA Years 3 & 4

Year 3

Mrs Linda Gilmore                                                     YGL, Art

Mrs Gina Wint                                                            PSHE

Mrs Rachel Moore                                                     TBC


Key Stage 1

Year 2

Mr Dean Hogarth                                                      Assistant Headteacher/ YGL

Mrs Louise Billingsley/ Mrs Carlie Wilson                 RE/ Computing

Miss Helena Meredith                                               TBC

Mrs Helen Harris                                                        TLA

Mrs Claire Pressick                                                    TLA

Mrs Julie Thatcher                                                     TLA

Year 1

Mrs Abbie Ricketts                                                     YGL/ G & T

Mrs Liz Rowe                                                             English Team

Miss Olivia Lowry                                                       English team

Mrs Louise Wightman                                                TLA

Miss Paula Grant                                                       TLA

Mrs Naomi Robinson                                                 TLA

Mrs Nicola Villers                                                       TLA


Early Years

Foundation 2

Mrs Sue Lyons                                               YGL Music

Mrs Rebecca English                                     EAL

Miss Sophie Hyland                                       History/ Geography

Mrs Ann Hopkins                                           (TLA)

Mrs Sue Hibbert                                             (TLA)

Mrs Susan Busst                                            (TLA)

Mrs. Kim Morgan                                           (TLA)

Mrs Louise Wightman                                    (TLA)

Mrs Julie Leake                                              (TLA)


Foundation 1

Mrs Emily Sadler  (AM)                                  TBC

Mrs Suzanne Thomas (PM)                          Outdoor Learning

Mrs Kilbinder Hayer                                       (TLA)

Mrs Caroline Broome                                     (TLA)

Mrs Emma Doonan                                        (TLA)




Mrs. Lesley Pinner                                         (Manager)

Mrs Diane Aldred                                           (Deputy Manager)


Inclusion Team

Mrs Sally Watson                                           (Inclusion Leader)

Mrs Annie Richards

Mrs Julie Thatcher

Mrs Sharon O’Keefe

Mrs Huma Dean

Mrs Rebecca Yeomans

Miss Amber Kurcaba

Mrs Aamna Malik

Mrs Katrina Lyons


Office Staff

Mrs Fiona Chappelow                                   School Operations and Administration Manager

Mrs Pam Sleigh

Mrs Sandra Jauncey                                      Bursar

Mrs Sandy Toor

Miss Alisha Robinson

Mrs Linda Collett                                            (Monkeys)