Sports Council

Sports Council

The sports council is made up of 1 member from each class from years 2-5 and a boy and a girl from each class in year 6. If you would like to be a sports councillor, you will need to complete an application form telling Mrs Church all about your passion for sport and how you are able to organise yourself, as being a sports councillor is a very important job. This process happens at the start of the year in September. Then, together with the class teachers, we select the pupil who we think is best suited to the job.

The sports council meets every half term, plus extra meetings when we need to discuss something new.

Your role will be to promote all of the sports clubs we run in school by informing your class mates and giving out letters. You will also need to collect and record information about your PE lessons; also about pupils’ participation in clubs; furthermore sharing information from the sports newsletters and generally encouraging a passion for sport and healthy lifestyles.

Throughout the year you will also be required to help out in leadership roles, especially during sports day. Another important job will include writing tweets and reports for the sports newsletters. Finally helping Mrs Church keep track of PE equipment and kit is also an essential role.

If you think this is something you would like to be involved in next year, look out for the application forms the first week back in September.

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