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At Monkspath we believe that everyone should adopt a healthy active lifestyle. You will all be given the opportunity to take part in after school PE clubs; these include multi skills, tennis, dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, netball. football, tag rugby, hockey, rounders, cricket and athletics. As our children enter Key Stage 2, the opportunity to take part in inter school competition increases and it is our  aim that all our children represent our school in a sporting activity every year.

Through physical activity and competition, we encourage you to adopt the 6 values of The School Games: determination, passion, respect, honesty, self-belief and teamwork.  These link very closely with our Monkspath School values. Regardless of ability, everyone is included and given sporting opportunities at their level and are encouraged to strive for improvement and be the best they can. Moreover, at Monkspath, we celebrate our sporting successes with great pride, as we know we always play fair, battle hard and show great respect for our team mates and the opposition.

Overall our main aim is that all our children leave our School with an enthusiasm and passion for physical activity, as throughout their journey at our school they have, mostly importantly, had fun taking part in PE.

Monkspath’s Sporting Stars:

Thank you if you have sent in a photograph, please come and have a look at our board at the top of the Year 4 corridor. If you participate in a sporting activity outside of school, please could you bring in a photograph of you in your sports kit with any of your achievements: certificates, medals, trophies. You will be awarded 10 personal points for bringing in a photo.

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Solihull South Primary Schools Sports Council/School Sports Partnership

Code of Practice for Coaches/Teachers, Match Officials, Pupils, Parents and Spectators

Sport is a very important element of life in our schools. It is participated in and enjoyed by large numbers of boys and girls of all ages and abilities. This code of conduct aims to ensure that this enjoyment and participation remain at the heart of all we do.

Click here for a copy of our Code of Conduct


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