English at Monkspath Junior & Infant School


What are your dreams for the future?

What career excites you?

What experiences do you want from life?

At the heart of whatever your hopes and dreams are, is a high standard of Literacy. Being able to read, write, speak and listen well are the keys to success in all areas of life.

At Monkspath, we recognise its importance as an essential skill in enabling you to be learners for life. The knowledge, skills and understanding taught through our English curriculum can be grouped into three specific areas:


Reading, Writing & Speaking and listening.

Reading is a real strength at Monkspath and is embraced across all aspects of school life and the curriculum. We will provide opportunities for you to read and access a wide variety of texts that will excite and stimulate your imagination. Each classroom is full of books for you to read and enjoy as well as texts and topic related books that we explore and analyse to gain a better understanding of the author’s use of language features.

We enjoy a whole school book week across the school regularly, where we share our enjoyment of the same book from FS1 to year 6 in a variety of different ways!  We want you to experience a shared love of reading with your peers, parents and teachers. We support you in your learning by setting clear objectives and learning targets which are shared and discussed with you so you have a clear understanding of what to do in order to succeed.

We are also very fortunate to have a well-stocked and state of the art library, offering a wide and rich variety of reading material. This offers a fabulous place for you to learn in and read and relax!

ICT is also used across our learning in English, using our suite and iPads for reading and writing, digital literacy and our Bug Club e-reading programme.

At Monkspath, we adopt a creative approach to the teaching and learning of writing and continually make links to other curriculum areas to enhance enjoyment and understanding of the application of writing skills. At Monkspath, we ‘read as writers’ by identifying key aspects of a text that you may wish to emulate in your own written work for a particular audience, purpose or effect. A high level of spelling, grammar and presentation is also expected but don’t worry – we support you every step of the way!

Children constantly talk to the teaching staff and their peers to discuss and discover new ways to improve their writing and you will be supported and encouraged to take responsibility for your learning. At the end of each piece of writing, children are encouraged to reflect on their work and are given opportunities to comment on the work of others and use comments made on their own work to identify areas for further development.

Within Speaking and listening, you’ll have the opportunity within English lessons to take part in presentations and exhibitions; group work, whole class, group or paired discussion, drama and role-play. These may be inspired by texts you have read, characters explored and will lead to a reason for writing.

We are very proud of English at Monkspath and have high expectations of what you can achieve. We will provide endless opportunities for you to extend and enhance your Literacy and an enthusiasm for learning. Most of all, we want you to enjoy English at our school and possess the skills and ability required to be motivated by learning across the whole school curriculum.

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