School Council

School Council

School Councillors are voted for each year by their peers.  You can be a Councillor from Year 1 through to Year 6 and there is a School Councillor in each class of these year groups.  At the beginning of each new school year your class will vote for a new Councillor, and you put your name forward so that a vote can take place.

When you are selected to be a School Councillor you are given an orange United Classes hat to wear. This helps other children recognise who the School Councillors are.  Being a Councillor gives children a voice and recognition that their opinion counts.  We meet every two weeks to find out what we are planning in the future and update ourselves on any ongoing projects.

In the past we have raised funds for school equipment through the Shoebox Appeal and now we are collecting for a food bank.  We also help the PTA setting up stalls for the Spring and Christmas Fair.

As a School Councillor we are responsible for the inside environment of our school and ways in which we can enhance it, we also look at how we can work further and develop our role as a council.

We sometimes work together with Eco and UNICEF Councillors on large fund raising events, such as Red Nose Day and Sports Day.

Last year the Lunchtime Supervisors asked us to find out what activities each year group would like for wet play times.  We went away and asked our class friends and fed this all back.  We now have areas where we can read quietly, play board games, make craft items or watch DVDs.

This year in our School we have collected food for The Birmingham Food bank, this was the first time that we have done anything like this and the idea came from our School Council.

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