Dear Parent / Carer,
As you will be aware we recently had a one day inspection carried out by OFSTED. It was slightly frustrating timing as it fell right in the midst of KS2 SATS week which definitely imposed a number of constraints on us. That said, we welcomed the team that came to monitor the work of the school. As a Head Teacher I have undergone a host of differing OFSTED regimes, each being different from the last, each grading system more demanding than the last. I am always immensely proud of our school and that we always grasp every opportunity for the children, staff and Governors to demonstrate their immense commitment to developing rounded young people who leave Monkspath School and go on to make the most that life offers them in the future. Our pupils can only achieve this if they reach their fullest potential academically, have strong sense of self-worth gleaned through a wide range of opportunities that promote success and if they are happy confident youngster with a strong value set which helps them chart their way forward in the world.

What was so gratifying from the feedback that OFSTED gave us, was that they saw this in action in school. They were extremely complimentary about our outstanding results the our children achieve when they leave us. You will see comments in the report about standards being achieve way beyond those of typical 11 yr olds. The team experienced first-hand the immense amount of care and support that is provided for the children and our families. They recognised how well we managed the children’s behaviour and the lengths we go to to ensure that they are kept safe. The OFSTED team recognised what a large, busy school we were and how we catered very efficiently for our a very diverse school community.

One of the most gratifying parts of this OFSTED process was the feedback provided by parents and in such a short time too. The Inspector told me she had seldom seen such a large number of responses, nor had she seen such positive feedback from parents. That meant a huge amount to the staff so thank you for taking the trouble to respond to the questionnaire in such large numbers.

OFSTED agreed that the work we are doing through our School DevelopmentĀ  Plan with early years literacy will help to raise, evenĀ further, the standards in writing that our youngest children produce so that they reach the same high, above national standards that we do in Maths and Science. They also agreed that we are right to keep pushing on to improve the quality of handwriting produced by our youngest pupils. If we all continue to pull together in this focus we will be able to achieve an outstanding grade across the board for all aspects of school life.

I am attaching the full and final OFSTED report for you to read at your leisure. I do hope that you feel as proud as we do here in school to be part of this vibrant, caring and highly successful school community which is Monkspath School.

With very best wishes and grateful thanks for all that you do to support us.

W J Hutchinson

Please click here for a link to the report