Dear Parent/Carer,
The eighth annual My Money Week will take place from 13 – 19 June 2016. My Money Week is a national activity week for primary and secondary schools that provides a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain skills, knowledge and confidence in money matters to thrive in our society.
This year in addition to all the activities and lessons planned nationally we are setting our own challenge within school. The aim of the challenge is to raise awareness of both the value of money and raise funds for a local animal rescue charity. Each class will collect small value ‘loose change’ (1p 2p 5p 10p 20p 50p)between now and My Money week in June.
The winning class will be the class that can make the longest line of coins stretching around the school. We will then carry out a variety of investigations and exercises within class that will include measuring the lines of coins and counting the different coins too.
The winning class will be suitably rewarded and all the money will be collected up and donated to Heronfield Rescue centre. Hopefully some of you will already be aware of the fantastic work they do and how they are a family run charity that relies purely on donations.
We are not asking for huge donations only that if there is some loose change lying around that the children can collect this and give their class a greater chance of winning. The hope is that children will soon see how small amounts can add up when put together.
Many thanks in advance
Matt James
Maths Co-ordinator.